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Chicks Chasing Chains Women’s Disc Golf League

April 3 @ 5:00 pm

6 Week Woman’s  Disc Golf League.  Every Wednesday April 3rd thru May 8th.

A & B Pool

Entry: $20 for six weeks of play.

Optional $20 Ace Pot.

Optional $1 Mulligan

Must play three weeks to be eligible for payout!

Free weekly CTP prizes!

Chicks Chasing Chains League FAQ’s:
1.How long is a session? 6 Weeks.
2.What is A Pool/B Pool? Based on your skill level you can sign up for either A Pool (Open/Advanced) or B Pool (Rec/Intermediate).
3.What is the cost? Where does the money go? $20 entry fee (all to payout) plus OPTIONAL weekly $2 ACE Pot (if not hit will roll to the next session), + OPTIONAL weekly $1 Mulligan (funds CCC club events).
4.What is the criterion for payout? You must play at least 3 of the 6 weeks to be eligible for payout. The top 30% of your pool will be paid at the end of the 6 weeks.
5.Why must you play 3 weeks to be eligible for payout? Because final scores are calculated on your best 3 weeks.
6.Why should I play? Because it’s a blasty-blast and you get to meet so many awesome women!
7.What is the free CTP prize? It varies every week, and is a disc or disc golf related item that has been donated to our league. We are always looking for donations if you’d like to contribute.
8.What if I can’t play April 3rd but still want to participate? You can join in any time, even if you miss the first week(s)!
9.What happens after 6 weeks? We take a week off, then start another 6 weeks at a new course!